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You are invited to amble through Florida with our family as we tour some of our favorite destinations. We prefer a leisurely pace and off-the-beaten-track locations, especially historic sites. Join us as we wind our way through the Florida we love, the Florida where Spanish moss dangles from age-old oaks, where palmetto and sand meet to form the scrub, where ocean waves splash over sandy shores, and where ancient cultures left their footprints along the way.

Stroll through our journal which we have filled with photos of nature, beaches, lighthouses, monuments, missions, parks, and museums. We hope you enjoy the pictures and find the comments helpful whether you are planning a vacation to our beautiful state or a field trip to Florida’s landmarks. Check the links for directions and more information. And come back again. We will be adding more locations.

Thank you for visiting our site.

What's New?

We've added a destination located in the North Florida region and we have updated the Wildlife section and added a new page showcasing Florida Birds:

Florida Birds
Sweetwater Wetlands Park

About Us

Florida Ramblings is editorial in nature. Our intent is to inform and educate about Florida’s history and natural beauty by means of photos, historical facts, and brief descriptions of our travels.

Though we sometimes include directions and travel tips, we are not a travel guide—merely a means of sharing our experiences. Please check the links after the photos for more details and do map your destination prior to visiting the location.

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