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This particular shell mound is located off State Road 24 near Cedar Key in the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge. Turn onto County Road 347 then left onto SW 78 Place. Follow the signs. Itís about 4.5 miles from SR24 and well worth the visit not only for the history but the beautiful scenery.

The shell mound covers five acres, making it the largest shell mound remaining in central Floridaís gulf coast. The shells of whelks, mollusks and oysters as well as bones of deer, fish, and turtle rise to twenty-eight feet above sea level. As you walk the trail, you are truly walking over historyóthe remains of thousands of years of meals are beneath your feet.

Sign at Entrance
Trail Entrance
Near the Mound
Overlooking the Gulf from atop the Mound
Shells that form the Mound
Another view from the top showing the pier and a barrier island
View of the many layers of Sea Shells that form the Mound
A beautiful bay borders the north of the park
Great Egret
Gulls sitting on a sandbar
Spanish Bayonett Island is one of the Barrier Islands seperating the bay from the Gulf of Mexico